The Japanese Childhood Aplastic Anemia Study Group listed criteria for response to therapy in children with aplastic anemia.


Patient selection: pediatric moderate, severe or very severe aplastic anemia


Evaluation: at 6 months after starting therapy

Neutrophil Count

Platelet Count




> 1,500 per µL

> 100,000 per µL

> 11.0 g/dL

not needed


> 500 per µL

> 20,000 per µL

> 8.0 g/dL

not needed

partial (severe AA)

> 1,000 per µL

> 30,000 per µL

> 8.0 g/dL

not needed

partial (moderate AA)


Relapse was defined as both of the following:

(1) return to blood counts consistent with moderate to severe aplastic anemia

(2) requirement for blood transfusions


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