The 12th Consensus Conference for Anti-Infective Therapy of the French-Speaking Society of Infectious Diseases listed criteria which can be used to identify a patient with falciparum malaria who can be managed as an outpatient.


Clinical features:

(1) absence of signs indicating severe disease

(2) no gastrointestinal symptoms

(3) no conditions associated with increased risk

(3a) old age

(3b) history of splenectomy

(3c) pregnancy

(3d) cardiovascular disease

(3e) serious underlying disease


Laboratory findings:

(1) results of the parasitology examination readily available

(2) parasitemia < 5%


Treatment issues:

(1) no socioeconomic factors that may interfere with compliance

(2) hospital nearby

(3) medications available for immediate intake

(4) able to make followup visits on days 3 and 7

(5) not living alone


If all of these factors are present then a patient with falciparum malaria can be safely managed as an outpatient.


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