The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) AIDS Task Force developed criteria for a number of HIV-related neurologic conditions, including minor cognitive or motor disorder.


Criteria - all 3 of the following:

(1) clinical findings of a cognitive, motor and/or behavioral disorder, with both of the following:

(1a) clinical symptoms persisting for >= 1 month (based on reliable history and/or informant)

(1b) confirmation by neurologic examination and/or neurophysiologic testing

(2) mild impairment as a result of disorder (affecting work, relationships, activities of daily living)

(3) exclusion of HIV-related dementia complex and myelopathy


Clinical symptoms requires >= 2 of the following:

(1) impaired concentration or attention

(2) mental slowness

(3) memory impairment

(4) slowing of movements

(5) loss of coordination

(6) personality change, including emotional lability or irritability


Features of mild impairment:

(1) able to do all but the most demanding or complex tasks

(2) able to maintain usual job but there is a decrease in performance

(3) social activities may be mildly affected

(4) independent in activities of daily living


Diagnosis based on presence of an alternative diagnosis (other than HIV) that can explain the findings.


Alternative Explanation









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