Segal et al listed criteria for the therapeutic response shown by a patient with inivasive candidiasis. These are consensus criteria by the Mycoses Study Group and the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC).


Endpoint: survival or death


Reassessment is done at least 4 weeks after the start of treatment (after stopping therapy might be better) to detect relapse. Relapse is best documented by culture. If the previously infected site is inaccessible then observation is maintained for at least 12 weeks.

Signs and Symptoms

Culture or Radiologic Results


complete resolution

accessible sites all negative OR radiologic resolution of inaccessible sites



accessible sites all negative OR radiologic improvement of inaccessible sites


no or minor improvement

persistent isolation from accessible sites OR no radiologic change in inaccessible sites

stable (unchanged)


persistent isolation from accessible sites OR isolation from new sites OR radiographic worsening of known lesions OR radiographic evidence of new lesions




• Visceral sites may not be accessible for reculture. Radiologic change may be used as a surrogate marker for these sites.


Treatment success was either partial or complete response.


Treatment failure is either stable or progressive disease


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