Reza et al classified different types of sexual violence. The authors are from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and UNICEF.


NOTE: All of these activities involve physical contact. Exposure or other noncontact activities are not included.


All of the acts involve force or coercion to make the victim do something unwanted and against the victim's will.


Intercourse was defined as insertion of a man's penis into the vagina or anus. One modification would be to include the mouth.


Physical contact not involving intercourse is considered unwanted touch.

Action By Perpetuator

Type of Unwanted Intercourse

tried to have intercourse but did not succeed


had intercourse by use of continued pressure or arguments


had intercourse by use of force




Action By Perpetuator

Type of Unwanted Touch

touching, kissing, fondling and/or grabbing

unwanted touching of the victim

making the victim touch the genitals

forced touching of the perpetuator



• Use of alcohol or drug to make the victim vulnerable would probably fall under coerced.


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