Rambaud et al reviewed the criteria used before an athlete returns to running (RTR) after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. The authors are from multiple institutions in France, Sweden and Australia.

Patient selection: anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction


Outcome: allowed to return to running


Criteria that have been reported:

(1) postoperative time in weeks (median 12 weeks)

(2) range of motion (full or > 95% of non-injured knee)

(3) pain (no pain or pain < 2 on a 10 cm VAS)

(4) limb symmetry indices > 70% (hamstring, quadriceps)

(5) hop test limb symmetry index > 70%


Additional factors affecting the decision:

(1) freedom from symptoms

(2) absence of new knee injuries

(3) single leg squat or step-up movement to detect knee valgus

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