Nguyen et al used certain findings to determine success or failure of enteral feedings in a critically ill patient. The authors are from Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia.



(1) gastric residual volume in mL

(2) enteral feeding rate in mL per hour

(3) complications, especially diarrhea


The enteral feeding rate could range from a minimum of 20 mL per hour to a target value determined by the nutritionist.


Criteria for success - all of the following:

(1) gastric residual volume < 250 mL

(2) enteral feeding rate > 40 mL per hour

(3) no or minimal complications


Criteria for failure - any of the following:

(1) gastric residual volume > 250 mL measured twice in the first 24 hours after starting therapy

(2) gastric residual volume > 250 mL at any time after 24 hours of starting therapy

(3) excessive complications to the minimal feeding rate (20 mL per hour)



• The criteria as stated do not interpret a residual volume of exactly 250 mL. In the implementation >= 250 mL will be used.


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