Netchine et al listed criteria for diagnosing a patient with the Russell-Silver Syndrome. The authors are from multiple institutions in France, Poland and Belgium.

Criteria for Silver-Russell syndrome - both of the following:

(1) prenatal growth retardation

(2) 3 or more of the following:

(2a) postnatal growth retardation

(2b) relative macrocephaly at birth

(2c) prominent forehead during early childhood

(2d) body asymmetry

(2e) feeding difficulties during early childhood (or low postnatal BMI)



• Prenatal growth retardation: birth weight and/or length less than or equal to -2 SD for gestational age.

• Postnatal growth retardation: height less than or equal to -2 SD according to Sempe growth charts at 2 years of age

• Relative macrocephaly: head circumference at birth >= 1.5 SD above the birth weight and/length according to the Usher and McLean charts.

• Low postnatal BMI is less than 2 SD below mean.

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