McDonald et al used criteria for the diagnosis of veno-occlusive (VOD) disease following bone marrow transplantation. The authors are from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, VA Medical Center and University of Washington in Seattle.


Categories used:

(1) VOD

(2) uncertain for VOD

(3) non-VOD


Criteria for the diagnosis of veno-occlusive disease – all of the following:

(1) onset before day 30 after transplant

(2) 2 or 3 of the following clinical findings:

(2a) jaundice

(2b) right upper quadrant pain and hepatomegaly

(2c) ascites and/or unexplained weight gain

(3) no other identifiable cause for liver disease present


Uncertain category: only 1 of the clinical findings was present within the first 30 days after the transplant.


Non-VOD category was used when one or the other of the following is present:

(1) no evidence of liver disease, or

(2) another cause for liver disease was present


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