Leporati et al reported criteria for the diagnosis og IgG4-related hypophysitis. The authors are from the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pavia and the University of Pisa.



(1) biopsy of the pituitary showing a lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate with > 10 cells per high power field IgG4-positive

(2) sellar mass and/or thickened pituitary stalk on MRI

(3) documentation of IgG4-positiive lesions in other organs

(4) elevated serum IgG4 concentration (> 140 mg/dL)

(5) symptom improvement and shrinkage of pituitary mass following steroid therapy


The diagnosis of IgG4-related hypophysitis can be made by one or more of the following combinations of the criteria:

(1) criterion 1

(2) criteria 2 and 3

(3) criteria 2, 4 and 5


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