Lang et al developed criteria for the diagnosis of corticobasal degeneration (CBD). The authors are from the University of Toronto.


Criteria - all of the following:

(1) chronic progressive course

(2) asymmetrical involvement at onset

(3) higher cortical dysfunction - at least one of the following:

(3a) alien limb

(3b) cortical sensory loss

(3c) apraxia

(4) movement disorder with all of the following:

(4a) rigid/akinetic syndrome

(4b) resistance to levodopa

(4c) dystonic limb posturing

(4d) spontaneous and reflex focal myoclonus


Exclusion criteria:

(1) presentation with cognitive dysfunction other than apraxia or language disorder

(2) moderate to severe global dementia while the person is still ambulatory

(3) presence of downward gaze palsy while the person is still ambulatory (consider progressive supranuclear palsy)

(4) presence of a typical parkinsonian rest tremor

(5) presence of severe autonomic disturbances

(6) presence of lesions on imaging studies sufficient to explain the clinical findings


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