Kaneda et al used 2 blood tests to identify a patient with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease who may have hepatic fibrosis or cirrhosis. These can be used to monitor a patient over time without the need for needle biopsy of the liver. The authors are from Tokyo Women's Medical University.



(1) serum hyaluronic acid in ng/mL

(2) platelet count per µL


A serum hyaluronic acid >= 42 ng/mL was associated with severe hepatic fibrosis (reported sensitivity 100% and specificity almost 90%).


A platelet count <= 160,000 per µL was associated with cirrhosis, probably reflecting splenic sequestration.



• Suzuki et al used a cutoff for serum hyaluronic acid >= 46.1 ng/mL (46.1 µg/L).

• Sakugaws et al used a cutoff of >= 43 ng/mL.



• Hyaluronic acid is a polymer so the molecular weight may vary quite a bit.

• The method of measurement and the reference range for the population will affect the cutoff for serum hyaluronic acid measurement.


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