Hornberger reported criteria the diagnosis of primary focal hyperhidrosis. The authors are from of the Multi-Specialty Working Group on the Recognition, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis.


Primary focal hyperhidrosis may involve the axilla, palms, soles of the feet or head and neck.


Criteria for the diagnosis of primary focal hyperhidrosis:

(1) visible, focal excessive sweating

(2) duration >= 6 months

(3) no apparent cause

(4) >= 2 accompanying clinical features


Accompanying clinical features:

(1) sweating bilateral and symmetrical

(2) sweating interferes with daily activities (associated with some disability)

(3) >=1 episode per week

(4) onset at age < 25 years

(5) positive family history

(6) absence of focal sweating when the patient is asleep


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