Chamaillard et al proposed criteria for the diagnosis of childhood rosacea. It is important to diagnose the condition since ophthalmologic care can prevent ocular complications. The authors are from Bordeaux Children's Hospital and the National Reference Center for Keratoconus in Bordeaux, France.


Patient selection: infant, child or adolescent


Criteria for the diagnosis - 2 or more of the following:

(1) focal facial flushing with erythema (permanent or recurrent)

(2) facial telangiectasia AND no other explanation

(3) pustules and papules (papulopustular eruption) without comedones

(4) distribution over the convex surfaces of the face

(5) one or more of the following ocular findings:

(5a) relapsing chalazions

(5b) ophthalmic hyperemia

(5c) keratitis with or without corneal ulceration


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