Carlson et al described the histopathologic criteria for the diagnosis of lymphocytic vasculitis. The authors are from Albany Medical College and the University of California San Francisco.


Classic features -both of the following:

(1) infiltration of lymphocytes in and around the walls of venules

(2) fibrin deposition in the lumina and/or walls of the affected vessels


Fibrin deposition may not always be readily seen. Circumstantial evidence of a delayed hypersensivity reaction involving vessel walls may include:

(1) concentric lamination of the adventitia (composed of basement membrane material and pericytes)

(2) lymphocytic nuclear dust

(3) subendothelial or intramural lymphocytic infiltrate in arterioles

(4) tissue necrosis in adjacent tissue


Differential diagnosis:

(1) leukocytoclastic vasculitis

(2) lymphocytic perivasculitis


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