Bautrant et al listed criteria for the diagnosis of pudendal nerve entrapment. The author is from Centre Liberal Aixois de Rehabilitation Pelvi-perineale in Aix-en-Provence.


Major criteria:

(1) pain in a territory supplied by terminal branches of the pudendal nerve

(2) positive trigger test (Tinel sign = nerve tingling on nerve percussion)

(3) positive infiltrative test (nerve block relieves the pain)

(4) hyperesthesia, dysethesia, and/or sexual arousal syndrome


Minor criteria:

(1) neuralgia

(2) algic (painful) or antalgic (analgesic) position

(3) sympathetic signs

(4) history of risk factors or precipitating conditions

(5) exclusion of other causes for the pain


Diagnosis of pudendal nerve entrapment can be made:

(1) >= 2 major criteria

(2) 1 major criteria AND >= 2 minor criteria


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