Bang et al evaluated criteria which can be used to identify a neonate with sepsis or pneumonia. These criteria can help to identify a neonate who may benefit from aggressive management. The authors are from the Society for Education Action and Research in Community Health (SEARCH), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Patient selection: ill-appearing neonates from a developing country


Predictors of Death from Sepsis

Danger Signs

(1) reduced or stopped sucking

(1) reduced or stopped sucking

(2) no or weak cry


(3) limp limbs


(4) vomiting and/or abdominal distention


(5) cold to touch

(2) cold to touch

(6) severe chest indrawing

(3) chest indrawing

(7) umbilical stump infection



(4) drowsy or unconscious


(5) tachypnea (rapid breathing)


The simultaneous presence of >= 2 of the 7 predictors of death was 100% sensitive for mortality from death, with a specificity of 92%. The negative predictive value was 100%.


The presence of >= 1 of the 5 danger signs was 100% sensitive for seeking medical care.


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