Abou-Elhamd listed laboratory features of sickle cell disease (SCD). The author is from King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia.

Laboratory features of sickle cell disease:

(1) hemoglobin 6-9 g/dL

(2) red blood cells in the peripheral blood smear show sickled forms, target cells and increased numbers of Howell-Jolly bodies

(3) positive screening test (using dithionate or other chemical to deoxygenate the blood)


Hemoglobin electropheresis shows:

(1) no hemoglobin A1

(2) 80 to 95% hemoglobin SS (homozygous)

(3) up to 20% hemoglobin F.


The presence of other hemoglobin bands (A, C, E, etc) indicates heterozygous disease

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