Benichou and Solal-Celigny reported criteria for drug-induced agranulocytosis from an international consensus meeting for drug-induced cytopenias.


Criteria for the diagnosis of drug-induced agranulocytosis:

(1) onset of agranulocytosis during therapy with the drug or within 7 days of stopping the medication

(2) complete recovery after cessation of the drug (with no clinical symptoms one month of stopping the drug, with absolute neutrophil count > 1,500 per µL)

(3) no other explanation likely


Exclusion of other explanations:

(1) infectious diseases: EBV, viral hepatitis B and C, HIV, CMV parvovirus B19

(2) congenital neutropenia

(3) immune neutropenia (often post-viral)

(4) recent chemotherapy or radiation therapy


Some other criteria that might apply:

(4) number of other reported cases of agranulocytosis associated with the implicated drug

(5) recurrence of the agranulocytosis if the patient is re-exposed to the drug (not usually attempted because of the risk to the patient)



• A patient who dies during the acute phase would fail to meet the criterion for a complete recovery.


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