An untransfused red blood cell product that has been returned to the blood bank may only be reissued if certain criteria are met. If these are not met, then the product must be not be used for transfusion.


Criteria that must be met for a red blood cell product to be reissuable:

(1) The integrity of the product is intact and it has not been entered in any way.

(2) The product was maintained between 1 and 6°C while away from the blood bank. The product must not be outside of a monitored refrigerator or validated cooler for more than 30 minutes.

(3) 1 or more sealed segments is still attached to the product if the product has left the issuing facility.

(4) Records show that the product is a reissue and that it has been reinspected prior to release.

(5) Inspection of the product shows no evidence of discoloration, hemolysis or bacterial contamination.



• The maximum allowable temperature for transport of a product between a blood center and a blood bank is up to 10°C for brief periods of time.


The prohibition on reissue applies even if the product is to be given to the same patient for whom it was initially issued.


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