Fisher Syndrome is one of the variant Guillain-Barre syndromes with minimal to mild weakness. It has an excellent prognosis for full recovery.


Synonym: Miller-Fisher Syndrome, MFS


Presentation: diplopia followed by ataxia in a few days


Major diagnostic criteria:

(1) history of recent antecedent infection

(2) complex ophthalmoplegia without nystagmus

(3) gait and limb ataxia

(4) areflexia

(5) muscle weakness ranges from none to mild

(6) sensory loss in distal limbs tends to be mild


Other features:

(1) Speech is not affected.

(2) Ptosis is present and usually mild.

(3) The pupillary light response is spared.


Laboratory findings:

(1) elevated CSF protein without significant pleocytosis


Electrodiagnostic findings:

(1) sensory and motor conduction velocities are normal

(2) sensory nerve action potentials show decreased amplitude, with eventual return to normal


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