A term neonate can be discharged from the hospital once specific criteria have been met.


Patient selection: term neonate


Clinical features:

(1) stable with resolution of all significant symptoms

(2) resolved or resolving hyperbilirubinemia

(3) no sepsis or active infection, or else adequately treated

(4) completion of a period of observation sufficient to detect possible complications or potential problems

(5) sufficient recovery from any procedures



(1) consistently feeding by mouth with adequate intake

(2) able to pass stool and urine

(3) no major care issues that cannot be managed at home


Home factors:

(1) adequate home environment for care of the infant

(2) arrangements for social services made if required

(3) able to communicate with healthcare providers in the event of a significant problem

(4) follow-up arrangements made

(5) able to reach a healthcare facility in a reasonable time if a problem occurs


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