An assault rifle is defined by a number of features. An assault rifle may be an assault weapon but not all assault weapons are assault rifles.


Features of an assault rifle:

(1) It can be carried by an individual (as opposed to a firing team or to a fixed weapon).

(2) It can be fired from the shoulder (it has a buttstock, but this may be collapsed or folded).

(3) It is capable of selective fire (full automatic, semi-automatic, single).

(4) It fires a cartridge of intermediate power between pistol and military rifle.

(5) Bullets are fed from a detachable magazine.

(6) It should have a firing range of 300 meters (about 1,000 feet).


A weapon may overlap with an assault weapon if:

(1) it fires a pistol or military round.

(2) it uses belt ammunition.

(3) it has a fixed magazine.

(4) it does not have full automatic or selective fire.

(5) it is not fired from the shoulder.


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