An insulin-dependent diabetic may need to adjust the standard insulin dose before a meal to take into account the current blood glucose reading. This requires knowledge of his or her correction factor (CF), which reflects the patient's insulin sensitivity.


The correction factor is the how much the glucose drops over a 2 to 4 hour period following administration of 1 unit of a rapid-acting or short-acting insulin.


An initial estimate of the patient's correction factor can be taken from the patient's total daily insulin dose:


initial estimate for a correction factor =

= 1700 / (total daily insulin dose)


The actual correction factor needs to be determined for each insulin-dependent diabetic.


correction dose of insulin in units =

= ((current blood glucose) - (midtarget blood glucose)) / (correction factor)


dose of insulin to take in units =

= (standard premeal dose of insulin) + (correction dose)


Midtarget Glucose to Use


100 mg/dL

hypoglycemic prone

120 mg/dL

pregnant female

80 mg/dL

dosing at 2 hours (rather than 4 hours)

140 mg/dL


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