Periodontal osseous resective surgery should be delayed or not performed in certain clinical situations. Surgery usually can be done once the underlying conditions are corrected or controlled.

Contraindications to Periodontal Osseous Resective Surgery


(1) Patients with inadequate plaque control.


(2) Uncontrolled or progressive systemic diseases, including:

(2a) recent myocardial infarction

(2b) acute leukemia

(2c) severe anemia

(2d) diabetes mellitus

(2e) severe neurologic disorders


(3) Patients receiving the following therapy:

(3a) large doses of corticosteroids

(3b) history of long term use of corticosteroids

(3c) anticoagulation


(4) Advanced cases where patients have not agreed to a restorative treatment plan following the surgical phase of their treatment. In this case, the surgical phase should be deferred until a restorative commitment is made.

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