External cephalic version can reduce complications associated with a breech presentation. However, it may not always be successful, and it should not be done under certain circumstances.


Contraindications for external cephalic version - gestational factors:

(1) third trimester bleeding

(2) multiple gestations (twins, triplets, etc)

(3) oligohydramnios

(4) uteroplacental insufficiency

(5) a nuchal cord

(6) significant cephalopelvic disproportion


Contraindications for external cephalic version - maternal factors:

(1) history of cesarean section

(2) history of significant uterine surgery

(3) uterine anomaly


Conditions associated with reduced success for external version:

(1) maternal obesity

(2) excessive fetal weight

(3) advanced gestation

(4) primiparity

(5) anterior implantation of the placenta


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