Autologous blood donation and subsequent transfusion can be a beneficial technique for elective surgical procedures with expected blood loss. However, a number of situations may limit or prevent its use in a particular patient.


Relative contraindications:

(1) for a surgical procedure that is unlikely to require transfusion

(2) patient with severe pulmonary disease not yet cleared for surgery by physician

(3) patient with severe heart disease not yet cleared for surgery by physician

(4) history of prolonged fainting spell following previous blood donation


Absolute contraindications:

(1) active infection with risk of bacteremia

(2) symptomatic aortic stenosis

(3) unstable angina

(4) history of myocardial infarction within prior 6 months

(5) high grade left main coronary artery disease

(6) cyanotic heart disease

(7) uncontrolled hypertension

(8) active seizure disorder

(9) history of cerebrovascular accident within prior 6 months

(10) pregnant woman with a disease associated with impaired placental blood flow and/or intrauterine growth retardation


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