Yellow fever vaccine is relatively safe, but serious side effects may develop in certain groups of patients.


Contraindications to the use of yellow fever vaccine:

(1) neonate or infant < 6 months of age

(2) immunosuppression, including AIDS

(3) thymus disease (associated with T-cell defect)


Groups requiring precautions in the use of the yellow fever vaccine:

(1) age 6-12 months (give to 6-9 month old only if risk is significant)

(2) receipt of the vaccine for the first time when > 60 years of age

(3) pregnant female (due to theoretical risk of fetal infection and impaired seroconversion)

(4) lactating female who is nursing an infant (should be immunized if risk is exposure is significant)

(5) asymptomatic HIV disease with uncertain immune status

(6) hypersensitivity to vaccine components (eggs, gelatin, other)

(7) family history of a serious adverse event following yellow fever vaccination

(8) severe malnutrition (associated with impaired seroconversion)

(9) simultaneous administration of cholera vaccine


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