Chen et al reported consensus criteria for identifying an older adult with sarcopenia. There are criteria for use in primary care and criteria for inpatients. The authors are from multiple institutions from around Asia participating in the Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia (AWGS)

Patient selection: age >= 60 years, primary care or community preventive services setting


Indications to screen - one or more of the following:

(1) low calf circumference (< 34 cm for male; < 33 cm for female)

(2) SARC-F >= 4

(3) SARC-CALF > 10


Positive screen - one or both of the following:

(1) reduced handgrip strength (< 28 kg for male; < 18 kg for female)

(2) time for 5 chair-stand cycles >= 12 seconds


If the screen is positive:

(1) make lifestyle modifications in diet and exercise

(2) consider referral to establish the diagnosis

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