Intestinal transplantation may be indicated in a patient with intestinal failure or the presence of a tumor that requires subtotal or total bowel resection for control.


Intestinal failure is a intestinal disorder with a permanent need for total parenteral nutrition to maintain a patient's fluid and nutritional requirements.


Intestinal failure be associated with:

(1) critical loss of intestine

(2) functional disorder of bowel motility or absorption

(3) resection of certain tumors

(4) a congenital bowel defect


Tumors that may require extensive bowel resection for control:

(1) desmoid tumor

(2) gastrinoma

(3) intestinal polyposis


Functional disorder:

(1) Hirschsprung's disease

(2) radiation enteritis

(3) chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction

(4) microvillous inclusion disease


Loss of intestine:

(1) abdominal trauma

(2) Crohn's disease

(3) diffuse bowel ischemia

(4) volvulus

(5) necrotizing enterocolitis


Congenital bowel defect:

(1) gastroschisis

(2) intestinal atresia


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