A "stroke mimic" is a condition that may be confused with an acute stroke. The diagnosis can be made only after stroke has been excluded.

Conditions that clinically may be confused with strokes:

(1) epileptic seizure (with postictal paralysis)

(2) psychogenic disorder (acute anxiety, conversion disorder)

(3) migraine

(4) hypoglycemia

(5) aortic dissection

(6) syncope

(7) sepsis

(8) drug intoxication

(9) brain tumor

(10) acute alcohol intoxication

(11) cervical spondylosis

(12) arteriosclerosis obliterans

(13) hepatic encephalopathy

(14) neuropathy, peripheral or multifocal

(15) cervical epidural hematoma

(16) Behcet's disease

(17) SLE

(18) multiple sclerosis

(19) hyperosmolar hyperglycemic non-ketotic coma

(20) heat stroke

(21) lumbar compression fracture

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