Certain medical conditions may exclude a person from sports participation, depending on the level of physical contact and the exertional requirements.



(1) collision and contact sports (football, rugby, baseball, soccer, wrestling, etc.)

(2) exertional noncontact and noncollision sports (track, tennis, crew, etc.)

(3) low exertion sports (golf, archery, bowling, etc.)


Conditions that exclude only from collision and contact sports:

(1) hepatomegaly

(2) splenomegaly

(3) Staphylococcus aureus skin lesions (boil, impetigo, etc.)

(4) Herpes simplex virus gladiatorum

(5) significant head trauma or symptoms of concussion

(6) uncontrolled seizure disorder

(7) absence or loss of function of one kidney

(8) absence or loss of function of one testicle and unable to provide adequate protection of remaining testicle

(9) absence or loss of function of one eye

(10) pregnancy


Conditions that exclude from all exertional sports:

(1) coagulopathy

(2) inguinal or femoral hernia


Conditions that exclude from all sports participation:

(1) acute infectious disease (may be temporary exclusion)

(2) uncontrolled or poorly controlled diabetes mellitus

(3) jaundice

(4) significant cardiac valvular disease, coarctation of the aorta, cyanotic congenital heart disease

(5) recent myocarditis

(6) severe pulmonary insufficiency

(7) significant renal disease

(8) symptomatic musculoskeletal disorders

(9) uncontrolled hypertension


Conditions that must be judged on a patient by patient basis:

(1) previous cardiac surgery

(2) previous head surgery

(3) previous organ transplant


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