New vessel formation in the iris (rubeosis iridis) may be associated with glaucoma ("neovascular" glaucoma). This may develop in a number of conditions.


Vascular disease:

(1) occlusion of a central or branch retinal artery or vein

(2) diabetic retinopathy

(3) disease of the carotid artery

(4) sickle cell retinopathy


Inflammatory disease:

(1) uveitis

(2) syphilitic retinal vasculitis



(1) ocular melanoma (choroidal, iris, uveal)

(2) retinoblastoma

(3) optic nerve retinopathy



(1) intraocular lens implantation

(2) radiation therapy of ocular melanoma


Retinal disorders:

(1) retinopathy of prematurity

(2) retinoschisis (splitting of the retina)

(3) Coat's exudative retinopathy (with subretinal lipid exudates)

(4) retinal detachment

(5) retinal hemorrhage

(6) inherited vitreoretinal degeneration (Stickler's syndrome)


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