Rhinitis may occur as a result of many conditions, some of which may occur simultaneously.


Rhinitis is often classified initially as allergic or non-allergic.


Allergic causes:

(1) seasonal

(2) episodic exposure to an allergen, including food allergy

(3) medication-associated


Non-allergic causes:

(1) atrophic rhinitis

(2) emotional rhinitis

(3) exercise-induced

(4) gustatory rhinitis

(5) hypothyroidism

(6) female hormone-related (menstrual, pregnancy, oral contraceptive)

(7) viral rhinitis

(8) other acute infectious rhinitis

(9) chronic infectious rhinosinusitis

(10) environmental (triggered by temperature or humidity)

(11) chemical

(12) drug abuse

(13) smoke or air pollution

(14) rhinitis medicamentosa

(15) other medication-related

(16) nonallergic rhinitis with eosinophilia syndrome (NARES)

(17) autoimmune disease and/or vasculitis

(18) vasomotor (idiopathic)


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