A large number of conditions may be associated with early satiety.


Gastric disorders associated with early satiety:

(1) gastroparesis

(2) peptic ulcer disease

(3) scleroderma (systemic sclerosis)

(4) gastric cancer

(5) gastric outlet obstruction


Diseases of other organs associated with early satiety:

(1) pancreatitis

(2) cholecystitis

(3) celiac disease

(4) urinary tract disorder (ureteropelvic junction obstruction, etc).

(5) cancer-related cachexia


Infection-related early satiety:

(1) peritonitis (including tuberculosis)

(2) Giardiasis or other gastrointestinal parasite




Post-operative or post-traumatic:

(1) gastric bypass (may involve release of enteric hormones)

(2) gastric banding


Miscellaneous causes of early satiety:

(1) psychogenic

(2) age-related

(3) associated with dyspepsia (with bloating, nausea, etc)


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