Eryoptosis refers to erythrocyte self-destruction in a process similar to apoptosis. It may be decreased in certain circumstances.


(1) reduction in red cells showing changes of eryoptosis (microspherocytes, blebs, etc)

(2) reduced leakage of calcium ion into the erythrocyte


Drugs and chemical associated with decreased eryoptosis:

(1) erythropoietin

(2) nitroprusside (nitric acid donor)

(3) amitriptyline

(4) adenosine

(5) caffeine

(6) catecholamines

(7) flufenamic acid

(8) urea

(9) papanoate (nitric oxide donor)


Biochemical factors associated with decreased erytoptosis:

(1) AMP-activated kinase (AMPK)

(2) cGMP-dependent protein kinase type I (cGKI)

(3) loss of phosphoinositide-dependent kinase (PDK1)

(4) loss of JAK3

(5) loss of taurine transporter (TAUT)

(6) loss of PAF receptor

(7) loss of TRPC6

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