Deconditioning occurs when a person does not exercise for a period of time. It may be limited or generalized. Deconditioning may involve loss of muscle mass and aerobic capacity.


Conditions associated with deconditioning:

(1) detraining (physiologic changes following discontinuation of physical activity and taking up a sedentary lifestyle)

(2) paralysis

(3) disuse following injury, which may be associated with crutches or casting

(4) prolonged bedrest

(5) confinement to a small space for a prolonged period

(6) spaceflight


Factors contributing to deconditioning:

(1) concurrent catabolic disease

(2) malnutrition and/or cachexia

(3) chronic fatigue

(4) depression or other psychiatric disorder

(5) frailty and advanced age

(6) vertigo

(7) visual impairment

(8) endocrine disorders

(9) prolonged stress

(10) obesity


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