Temporary Abdominal Closure (TAC) may be performed in patients with severe abdominal trauma. Patients undergoing TAC are at risk for a number of complications.


Temporary abdominal closure involves:

(1) placing an external barrier to cover the abdominal contents

(2) leaving abdominal fascial layers disconnected (open)


TAC may be done:

(1) as part of damage control surgery (DCS)

(2) if the risk for abdominal compartment syndrome is high



(1) infection (peritonitis, abscesses, etc)

(2) hypovolemic shock

(3) postoperative complications (fistula, etc)

(4) death


Risk factors for nonsurvival on multivariate analysis:

(1) older age (in this series age > 40 years)

(2) high initial base deficit (in this series a base deficit < -10)


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