The plastic septum of an implanted venous access device (VAD) should only be entered by a Huber (noncoring) needle. Use of a regular needle to access the port can result in the generation of plastic cores which can dislodge or which can leave holes in the septum.


Risk for complications:

(1) large gauge needle capable of coring the septum

(2) multiple penetrations

(3) repeated penetrations in a small area


Complications of using a needle that can core the septum of an implanted VAD:

(1) leakage of blood with formation of a hematoma

(2) extravasation of medicines

(3) leakage of fluids with fluid accumulations around the VAD

(4) dislodgment of plastic core that will block the catheter

(5) dislodgment of plastic core that can embolize

(6) early need to replace the VAD (premature failure)


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