A woman with essential thrombocythemia (ET) may encounter a number of problems during pregnancy. Only 50 to 60% of pregnancies will result in a liveborn infant.


Risk factors for complications:

(1) JAK2 mutation JAK2(617V>F)

(2) history of previously affected pregnancy (recurrent)

(3) failure to treat the mother with interferon-alpha throughout the pregnancy


Fetal complications:

(1) fetal wastage (first or second trimester abortion, third trimester stillbirth)

(2) intrauterine growth retardation

(3) pre-term delivery


Maternal complications:

(1) pre-eclampsia or eclampsia

(2) arterial hypertension (without eclampsia)

(3) post-partum bleeding


Placental lesions:

(1) infarcts

(2) abruptio placenta


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