Bone marrow donor may develop a number of complications during and after harvesting. While most patients recover within 2 weeks, some patients may require more than a month to achieve their predonation health status.


Sites often used for harvesting:

(1) posterior iliac crests

(2) anterior iliac crest

(3) sternum


Pain is very common and may involve:

(1) pain at collection site

(2) pain on walking

(3) pain in back

(4) pain on sitting

(5) pain on climbing stairs

(6) pain at IV site

(7) pain associated with bandage

(8) headache


Other complications:

(1) fatigue

(2) sore throat

(3) nausea and/or vomiting

(4) lightheadedness with or without fainting

(5) fever

(6) infection at collection site

(7) fat embolism

(8) deep vein thrombosis

(9) aspiration pneumonia

(10) injury to bone or joint

(11) injury to nerve

(12) bleeding from the collection site

(13) allergic reaction to skin preparation

(14) breaking of the harvesting needle

(15) hypotension

(16) transient cardiac arrhythmias


Risk factors for complications:

(1) long duration of the procedure

(2) number of sites aspirated

(3) general anesthesia

(4) improper skin preparation

(5) inexperience of collector


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