The ear can be pierced in many ways, with some ways riskier than others.


Risk factors for complications:

(1) piercing through auricular cartilage (as in "high" piercing)

(2) use of a piercing gun

(3) inexperienced piercer

(4) poor hygiene

(5) delayed care of a complication

(6) trauma to the ear

(7) comorbid conditions (atopy, diabetes, bleeding disorder, immunodeficiency, etc)



(1) contact allergy to metal

(2) infection including abscess

(3) auricular perichondritis

(4) keloid or hypertrophic scar

(5) traumatic tear (if a ring ornament is torn out)

(6) embedded earring (if the earring post is too short for the ear)

(7) pain or tenderness

(8) deformity with the wearing of heavy ornaments

(9) bleeding or hematoma


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