Military anit-shock trousers (MAST) can be helpful in a patient with significant lower extremity trauma and shock, but their use can result in certain complications.


Potential complications in the use of MAST:

(1) compartment syndrome and limb ischemia if used for a prolonged period

(2) respiratory compromise due to elevation of the diaphragm, which may be serious in a patient with respiratory insufficiency or pulmonary edema

(3) displacement of abdominal organs into the thorax if the diaphragm has been ruptured

(4) increased bleeding from torso in patients with penetrating thoracoabdominal injuries

(5) increased intracranial pressure which may be significant in a patient with head injuries

(6) increased intra-abdominal pressure may be a problem if the person is having severe vomiting


For a woman who is pregnant during the second or third trimesters inflate the leg sections only.


It is necessary to monitor the patient during unpressurized air transport since changes in barometric pressure may alter the applied pressure.


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