Suprapubic drainage of the urinary bladder may be followed by n a number of complications.


Complications from the needle passage:

(1) penetration of bowel wall

(2) hemorrhage after penetration of an artery and/or vein

(3) cellulitis


Complications following urine decompression:

(1) vasovagal reaction following sudden decompression

(2) rupture of veins in the bladder mucosa, resulting in bloody urine

(3) post-obstructive diuresis

(4) bladder dysfunction secondary to excessive distention


Risk factors for complications:

(1) attempting to tap a bladder that is not palpable

(2) inexperience

(3) blind needle sticks in different directions

(4) pushing the needle in too deep

(5) sudden release of a large volume of urine

(6) significant obesity

(7) coagulopathy


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