Hidradenitis suppurativa may be associated with a number of complications, especially when severe, widespread and long-standing.


Infectious complications of hidradenitis suppurativa:

(1) cellulitiis

(2) pelvic osteomyelitis

(3) epidural abscess in the lumbosacral region


Complications of chronic inflammation and fibrosis:

(1) arthropathy

(2) fistulae to urinary bladder, urethra, rectum or other structures

(3) lymphedema secondary to scarring of lymphatics

(4) squamous cell carcinoma in affected area

(5) contracture of limbs

(6) anemia

(7) hypoproteinemia

(8) amyloidosis

(9) malaise


Psychological complications:

(1) depression

(2) stigma or shame


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