Umbilical arterial or venous catheters may be associated with a number of complications, some of which may be life-threatening. A neonate with an umbilical vascular catheter should be carefully monitored for evidence of these problems so that an appropriate intervention can be initiated as soon as possible.



(1) arterial thrombosis (aorta, other)

(2) venous thrombosis (portal vein, other)

(3) embolism

(4) vasospasm

(5) sepsis

(6) cellulitis, abscess or other local infection

(7) hemorrhage

(8) vascular perforation

(9) ischemic injury to a lower extremity

(10) necrotizing enterocolitis

(11) other gastrointestinal injury

(12) hematuria

(13) renal injury

(14) hepatic necrosis

(15) hydrothorax

(16) cardiac arrhythmias

(17) myocardial injury (from catheter tip in left atrium)

(18) cardiac perforation with pericardial effusion and/or tamponade


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