Wearing a pessary may be associated with a number of complications.


Complications associated with wearing a pessary:

(1) vaginal infection

(2) vaginal discharge

(3) offensive odor

(4) vaginal pain

(5) vaginal mucosal erosions

(6) vaginal bleeding

(7) allergic reaction (especially if a latex pessary is used)


Problems associated with the pessary:

(1) failure to control symptoms associated with prolapse

(2) difficult to retain in situ (explusion)


Complications can be reduced by:

(1) Proper fitting.

(2) Regular cleaning of the pessary.

(3) Maintaining vaginal hygiene.

(4) Using a material to which the patient is not allergic.

(5) Using a topical estrogen cream prior to and during use to minimize vaginal dryness.


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