Khan et al classified patients requiring renal replacement therapy into risk groups. The authors are from Ninewells Hospital Dundee, University of Aberdeen, Univrsity of Nantes, Academic Hospital Nijmegen, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, and the University of Heidelberg.

Patient selection: renal disease requiring renal replacement therapy


Outcome: survival



(1) age in years

(2) number of comorbid conditions

(3) diabetes

(4) visceral malignancy


Comorbid conditions:

(1) angina

(2) previous myocardial infarction

(3) cardiac failure

(4) chronic obstructive airway disease

(5) pulmonary fibrosis

(6) cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis

(7) vascular disease (peripheral vascular, cerebrovascular disease)


High risk:

(1) age > 80 years

(2) >= 2 comorbid conditions (not including renal disease)

(3) visceral malignancy

(4) diabetes and cardiopulmonary disease


Low risk:

(1) < 70 years, no comorbid illness, no diabetes and no malignancy


Medium risk:

(1) anyone not low or high risk

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