A variety of signs and symptoms are commonly found in soldiers exposed to battle conditions.


Physical signs:

(1) tense, trembling, fumbling, fidgety

(2) feeling aches and pains

(3) jumpy, easily startled

(4) cold sweat, dry mouth, pale skin

(5) pounding heart

(6) dizzy or light-headed

(7) feeling out of breath or hyperventilating

(8) upset stomach, may vomit

(9) diarrhea or constipation

(10) frequent urination

(11) emptying bowel or bladder at the instant of danger (soiling self)

(12) fatigue, feeling exhausted

(13) distant, haunted stare ("1000 yard")


Psychological signs:

(1) anxious, worrying

(2) irritable, swearing, easily bothered

(3) difficulty paying attention or remembering details

(4) difficulty thinking

(5) difficulty communicating or speaking

(6) trouble sleeping, nightmares

(7) grief and crying for fallen comrades

(8) feeling bad about mistakes or what had to be done

(9) anger

(10) loss of confidence in self and unit


Soldiers may have these findings yet continue to function well.


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