Women may develop alopecia, which can be very distressing for them. It is necessary to identify the cause in order to formulate a treatment plan.


Chemical or drug-induced:

(1) chemotherapeutic agents

(2) other drugs

(3) heavy metal poisoning (arsenic, cobalt, selenium, tellurium, thallium)


Endocrine and metabolic disorders:

(1) hyperthyroidism

(2) hypothyroidism

(3) androgeneitc (from excess androgens or increased sensitivity to androgens)

(4) malnutrition (diet, starvation, malabsorption)

(5) cachexia associated with advanced malignancy

(6) iron deficiency



(1) syphilis

(2) tinea capitis



(1) systemic lupus erythematosus


Organ failure-related:

(1) chronic renal failure

(2) hepatic failure



(1) radiation exposure or therapy

(2) scarring alopecia

(3) alopecia areata

(4) telogen effluvium

(5) telogen gravidarum (postpartum alopecia)

(6) trichotillomania

(7) pressure-induced


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